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When a child is diagnosed with dystonia, parents may not know where to turn. There are Resources to Help You: 

Resources and Materials for you to Share with Children: 

  • Download this dystonia poster for children.
  • Watch this animated video series, courtesy of DystoniaUK. 
  • Request educational materials from the DMRF Canada, including a copy of Never Look Down, to help inform your child's teachers and school administrators. Consider the best way to help your child's friends and peers understand dystonia. Email: info@dystoniacanada.org to request your copy today. 

Resources for Parents: 

Meet Other Parents: 

Pediatric Neurologist Listing: 


"As the Mother of two little boys who suffer from dystonia, I know firsthand the importance of a strong, supportive community for parents who are raising children with Dystonia. Having a network of other parents who understand the complex and unique challenges that children who suffer from dystonia face, throughout various stages of childhood are invaluable.  Because of this network, I have discovered new strategies to help my boys, and have been able to learn about what to expect as they grow and change. But most importantly I have been offered support when I needed it.

On behalf of the DMRF Canada, we are very grateful to the Allergan International Foundation for their generous support of this very important initiative”

                                                       – Heather Connor, former DMRF Canada Board Member

Last update: Oct 2021