How to be a 5-Star Fundraiser!

Now that you have registered to be a fundraiser we wanted to share this helpful guide with you. There are some key things you can do to make the most of your efforts. Remember, people don’t give to events or causes – they give to people! Be sure to personalize your ask so that your network knows why this is something that matters to you. 

  • Set Your Goal and Make It Public: Set a fundraising goal and use social media to share it. Let others know that they can help you to reach your goal;
  • Tell Them Where the Money Will Go: Pass on our latest Research Report that provides updates on the advances made in dystonia research so far this year
  • Use Your Networks: Motivate friends, family and co-workers to donate by promising to do something special – like agreeing to wear a crazy outfit to the run if you reach your goal 
  • Sharing is Caring:  Send an email to friends with a live link to your Race Roster pledge page.  Let people know why raising money for dystonia is important to you.  
    • Let people know that any amount helps!  No donation is too small.
    • Use social media to link to your fundraising page and ask friends to share the link
    • Send a personal video message explaining why you're participating and why dystonia research is important to you.  Don't forget to ask people to donate 
  • Say Thank you: 
    • Provide updates.  Let people know how close you are to reaching your goal;
    • Thank every one who donates and let them know they've helped make a difference. 
  • Think Outside the Box:
    • Find out if your company has a gift matching program and whether they will match the amount of money you've collected.  If they do you might double your pledges;
    • Ask friends and family if they are interested in making a corporate donation – if so, please let us know and we will be happy to customize a sponsorship opportunity that works for them;
    • Visit local stores in your area to see if they are willing to fundraise on your behalf. 
  • Use Your Phone: Encourage friends to complete their donation to you right from your smartphone. Click here to access your donation portal and help make it easier for your friend to donate to your mission.
  • The Personal Ask: Download and print pledge sheets to take with you to work or anywhere to help those that prefer to donate in person by clicking here.
  • For more tips on how to become a superstar fundraiser, click here.