Setting up a Team for Chuck's Run 2017!

Starting or joining a team results in a 10% discount off your registration for the 2017 Chuck's Run, Walk and Wheel event. However, we do require a minimum of 5 registered participants in your team by June 2nd 12:00 noon for the discount to stay valid and for a chance to win the "Top Team Fundraising" Award. You and your team are eligible to win an awesome pizza parta! If at the time of the deadline your team does not have 5 registered participants you would be required to pay back the discount amount. 

Let your competitive spirit shine and recruit your team today! Round up your best runners, walkers, "wheelers" and fundraisers and make this event part of your social circle! for some fundraising tips click here

Set Up Your Team When You Register: 

1. Go to our Race Roster event page: here

2. Login or Sign up to Race Roster.

3. Click to ‘register’ button on the right-hand side

4. Under “Add Participant 1 to a Team?” section select “Yes, create a new team and add this participant”

5. Enter your team name.

6. Choose whether or not you want to create a team Password (Note: a password will prevent others from finding your team on Race Roster and joining without it). If you do create a password, you will need to share it with your other team members. 

7. Continue on with your registration and follow the prompts to  arrive at checkout.

8. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email, share it by forwarding the email to the people you wish to add to your team!